Friday, 18 May 2012

Ten Link Thursdays (5/17/2012)

I was going to merge this with a big post on the G20 (which will still  be written) but there was just too much information released this week for me to finish it all on time. Instead, here's 10 links on a Friday. As always, no particular order of importance.

1. Conservatives funneling money to their buddies? Isn't that what we got rid of the Liberals for? 

2. BC Primier rejects Dutch Disease exists - calls NDP leader names since she can't argue the facts

3. Undercover Toronto Police Officers were breaking the law arrested. We learned later in the week that being arrested made it oddly unlikely you were breaking the law: 

4. A man who took an Axe to the head in Afghanistan, clearly outlines why our Government is distinctly uncanadian.

7. The Conservative Government may have sold out our national security:

9. This can't be right, it makes far too much sense to involve the legal system:

10. This happens every 10 years or so - and we realize it's stupid every 10 years or so:

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