Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ten Link Thursday

Ten Link Thursday, where I share ten links from the last week that I find interesting with a quick comment.

The following is in no particular order

1. It's not that difficult to draw connections between the Bush years and Harper years:

2. It seems like some people opposing abortion now have working Uteruses:

3. Canadian Science Writers are being given an award for speaking up when they're told to shut up:

4. 30 dollar rooms for rent:


6. You're footing the bill for Mr.Harper's mouth, but the bill is yet to be disclosed:

7. New poll has the NDP gaining Nationally, but sliding in Quebec:

8. Offbeat: Some people have interesting goals:

9. Stephen Harper opposes OmniBus bills:

10. Stephen Harper and his Masters in Economics, doesn't understand economics: 

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