Friday, 20 January 2012


This is only slightly longer than a status update surely.

I just finished reading about how the Toronto Police Union is going to try and block the charges laid against their men for (allegedly) beating the shit out of someone, cause they can during the G20 in Toronto.

I've been shitting on unions for a long time, in all honesty. This one is great though. The same left-wing people that always maintain to me that it's impossible that a union could ever do something wrong, are faced with this.

This is why too much power is bad. For anyone. No group, union, business, government, or corporation should have the ability to stonewall the law. They do, regularly. I'd like a list of all the times a police officer has been charged with assault in the last 20 years.

I imagine the list is so short it's inconceivable to be true. 

Also: These officers going as "unidentified" for so long is also hilarious. Aren't scrap citizens like us often asked to come forward and provide information on a crime? However when they commit one no one knows anything?

Union mentalities are just as bad as corporate mentalities. The problem is the corporate ones usually result in a greater reduction in the middle class - whereas unions add to the middle class more often than not. Either way, this is a joke. No one is going to face any serious consequences from the G20 herding - and that's exactly the kind of thing that isn't even supposed to be possible in Canada.

This isn't the Canada I was raised in. This is Harper's Canada. Where 1000 people are arrested over a weekend, the police attack people without cause - and there's no consequences.