Thursday, 5 July 2007

Chevy and Transformers

I'm not sure I understand what Chevy has to gain by aligning itself with Transformers.

I don't know the dollar value on their partnership, but barring it being under a few million it was money very poorly spent.

How does the Chevrolet brand match up with the Autobots? I imagine GM is trying to create awareness... but awareness works best when you have a superior product. GM has proven over the last decade that they are far behind the Japanese automakers in quality. So why spend so much at building awareness of a well known product?

This, when people are already aware of GM products for the most part. What car guru do you know that hasn't heard of a Camero?

It has briefly occurred to me that perhaps they are trying to link the "quality" of the Autobots, with their own. Although I highly doubt people will start to think, "Well the Autobots are fairly durable... surely this Chevrolet product will be too!"

I'm thinking GM might have been much better off sinking this money into R&D.




    A little dated, but on topic.

  2. hahaha, I love your reasoning too, and although nobody can deny those autobots were tough, I totally agree with you, whats the point of having your brand associated with autobots. Just because the X-MEN drink Dr. Pepper doesn't make me want to immediately run out and buy Dr. Pepper. Product placement as I understand it, is suppose to be subtle, and it definitely wasn't in transformers. Nor was it subtle or clever in Fantastic Four 2, in fact after seeing that movie I don't think I would ever want to buy a Dodge.