Friday, 25 March 2011

The First Dead Issue

So in my effort to keep this blog fact based - I've discovered the first issue the pundits will be talking about that I won't be. "Who Caused This Election" is going to be the first story of the 2011 election season and there's no need to spend too much time talking about it because the answer is "Everyone".

Of course the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc have a hand in this by creating (and presumably voting for) a motion to defeat the government but oft overlooked is the hand the Conservative government is playing in this. Jack Layton has offered to work with the government in creating amendments for the budget that could help it pass - an offer which the Stephen Harper has declined. Having accepted amendments in the past it appears the government is just as interested in an election as the opposition. Considering the poll numbers this is hardly surprising.

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  1. Jack Layton is a complete flake though. I wouldn't let him make amendments on the breakfast menu at McDonalds. Here is the problem with the Liberals and the NDP, they are that annoying guy who points out the flaws in all the plans but doesn't actually have a better solution. The problem with the Bloc of course is that they should not have federal sway at all, because they are essentially a fringe nationalist party that represents a small portion of a small portion of the population of one province.
    At least the Conservative party can get the country out of debt, actually have a plan for national defense and can hopefully create a economic recovery plan that doesn't involve giving more money to people who are currently unemployable. When Bob Rae ran the shit show back in the day he had the NDP economic plan called Rae Days (link here: ) which were a disgrace to anyone who not only had knowledge of how a fruitful economy works, but an insult to anyone who had any common sense whatsoever.